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Welcome to The Academy, Selsey. We are an 11 – 16 mixed Academy on the Manhood peninsular in West Sussex.

We have an excellent team here with a strong commitment to high quality teaching and learning, backed....

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  • Selsey reserves have been let down for a game on Saturday 30th so are looking for team to play we can host if needed 07:25 PM - 20th July, 2016
  • Penultimate visit to 4 Yr9 Presentations.Big thanks to staff for their support during Abs time there 10:53 PM - 16th July, 2016
  • I just want to say a massive thank you to for my first year. It has gone so quickly thank you 08:38 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • What an emotional day having to say goodbye to the legend that is . You have left a legacy that we will ensure is continued!!! 06:14 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • This present got me right in the feels 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭 I will miss these students alot Read more 06:14 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • Tweets will now come from Mr Butler + Miss Goss ill be on if anyone needs me. Goodbye and thank you for the memories! 06:14 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • Remember you are part of a fantastic school at whether student staff or parent you are lucky! We love you Selsey! 06:14 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • For being so supportive. I have had the best 3 years working at this school and I will leave incredibly sad tomorrow... 06:14 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • So as sports day and the term comes to a close so does my time at . Thank you to staff students and parents... 06:14 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • Also we cannot thank the year 11s who came back to help us it really made a difference! 06:13 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • Read more 06:13 PM - 15th July, 2016
  • The list really does go on and I have missed people who deserve to be up there. We are so lucky to have such talented students. 06:13 PM - 15th July, 2016