Year 11

Curriculum Area: Modern Foreign Languages

Examination Specification:  Edexcel 2SP01

Overview of Course Content

This course will develop a student’s skill at:

  • Listening to spoken Spanish  by native speakers
  • Speaking and presenting in Spanish
  • Reading authentic texts in Spanish
  • Writing in a variety a styles in Spanish

During year 11 students will work on the following topic areas:

  • Tourism and Holidays
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Jobs and work experience
  • Our world

They will also review the topics covered in year 10

Students will continue to work on their portfolio of work from which two speaking assessments and two writing assessments will be submitted.

  • The two speaking assessments submitted will take the form of an open interaction, a picture-based free-flowing discussion or a presentation with a discussion.  The submitted assessments must be of different task types.  Each recorded assessment will last between 4-6 minutes.  Speaking assessments are marked in school and externally moderated.
  • The two writing assessments submitted will be completed in controlled conditions.  Each piece of work must be completed in a single assessment session lasting 1 hour. Students should aim to produce at least 100 words. Students aiming for grade C and above will need to demonstrate extended writing skills and are expected to produce 180 – 200 words in each task.  Writing assessments are externally marked and moderated.

Each task will be given to students two weeks before the assessment takes place and students are allowed a maximum of six hours lesson time in which to prepare the exam content. 

Half Term


Overview of Assessments

Autumn 1


E.g. destinations, transport, accommodation etc


Autumn 2


E.g. revision of tenses, food


E.g. tourist transactions

Listening and Reading Mock Exam in December

Controlled assessment – writing

Controlled assessment - speaking

Spring 1

Lifestyle choices

E.g. healthy eating, sports and exercise

Controlled assessment – speaking

Spring 2

Jobs / Work Experience

E.g. CV writing, future/conditional tense revision

Our world

E.g. environment and the wider world

Listening and reading mock exams in February

Controlled Assessment (speaking and writing) as required

Summer 1

Revision for listening and reading examinations

Past papers and exam practise

GCSE final reading and listening exams in May

Summer 2