Year 9

Year 9 Curriculum Plan - Science

Curriculum Area: Science

Examination Specification:

Overview of Course Content

Students will study one Science module each half term including two Biology topics, two Chemistry topics and two Physics topics according to the new KS3 Science curriculum.


Half Term


Overview of controlled assessment/coursework (if relevant)

Autumn 1

Chemistry - Obtaining useful materials




Students will complete an extended writing task, an end of module test and a practical ‘Technical Challenge’ every half-term to assess progress.

Autumn 2

Physics - Waves and energy transfer


Spring 1

Biology - Variation for survival


Spring 2

Chemistry - Using our Earth sustainably


Summer 1

Physics - Motion on Earth and in space


Summer 2

Biology - Our health and the effects of drugs




Home Learning is set on www.collinsconnect.co.uk or paper copies are provided if required.