The Bridge

The Bridge

is a Youth Support Centre based in Selsey, West Sussex which is operated by the charity Youth Dream (Selsey) in partnership with the local secondary school, The Academy, Selsey.

Key to the success of The Bridge is its location in the heart of the community and, critically, its ability to respond with due speed to young people in crisis.

The service is based in a building on the eastern edge of the school site, and is accessed through gates directly behind Selsey Library. The building forms the hub of the operation and houses the key staff including the Chairman, a Youth Worker, a Youth and Well-being Practitioner, an Education Key Worker, and an Administrator, together with various volunteers. The accommodation comprises four rooms which are used for group and individual support work, counselling, education, and a range of other youth services.

The Bridge aims to prevent harm to young people and promote happiness and opportunity by

• running sessions to promote self esteem, confidence and aspiration

• offering support to reduce drug and alcohol abuse

• enabling mediation for families

• reducing the impact of low level mental health needs

• running support groups for young carers and those who find it difficult to handle their feelings

• providing sexual health advice

• promoting mentoring and peer support among students

• engaging unemployed young people in positive activities

• promoting inclusion and minimising bullying

• supporting parents in their challenging task, and staff in their demanding vocation


Some of the specific services provided include:

• RESPECT (Sexual Health) – a Drop-In service for teenagers. Registration under the NHS C-Card Scheme, sexual health counselling, provision of free condoms and STI testing kits. Open Mondays & Fridays from 3pm at the Bridge and also Tuesdays 8-9pm at Snak Shak, Selsey High Street.

• RESOLVE (Mediation) - a local mediation service for family and community disputes. By appointment only.

• REFUGE (Night Shelter) – an emergency temporary night shelter for children in precarious situations.

• FUTURE 4 U (Personal Education) – workshops for boys and girls in matters such as aspirations, confidence building, harm reduction, relationships and drug education.

• TUNE IN – supporting young people not in education, employment or training or likely to be in that position

• Both partners in The Bridge also work very closely with other Selsey concerns, including the Snak Shak Youth Drop-In, Selsey Works, and Sports Dream.


The Bridge

is a partnership between the charity Youth Dream and The Academy, Selsey.

Youth Dream is a comprehensive range of multichannel youth services for the community of Selsey in West Sussex.

We work very closely with other agencies such as the schools, local government, and the medical and social services, as well as clubs and other youth services in the area including the Scouts, football and cricket clubs etc.

We deliver services, including extra-curricular and leisure events and activities, across the community, as well as a full range of specialist support services to the dis-engaged and those most in need.

The Academy, Selsey is an 11 – 16 mixed school on the Manhood peninsular in West Sussex.

We have an excellent team with a strong commitment to high quality teaching and learning, backed by high quality support for students, parents and governors.

We foster an ethos where students can be proud of their achievements and strive to be excellent.

Pupils are expected to aim high and be the best that they can be in all that they do.


The Bridge Youth Support Centre, School Lane, Selsey PO20 9EH

Telephone : 01243-608943 or 07508-716037

E-mail :







We have many voluntary opportunities through which people from all walks of life can assist us in our work. Please contact us for more information.