Year 7

Year 7 Music Curriculum Plan 2015-2016

Description of activities

At Key Stage 3 students will be taught to

  • play and perform confidently in a range of solo and ensemble contexts using their voice, playing instruments musically, fluently and with accuracy and expression
  • improvise and compose; and extend and develop musical ideas by drawing on a range of musical structures, styles, genres and traditions
  • use staff and other relevant notations appropriately and accurately in a range of musical styles, genres and traditions
  • identify and use the inter-related dimensions of music expressively and with increasing sophistication, including use of tonalities, different types of scales and other musical devices
  • listen with increasing discrimination to a wide range of music from great composers and musicians
  • develop a deepening understanding of the music that they perform and to which they listen, and its history.

Learning will be assessed by recorded performances, computer projects and compositions. Students will evaluate their own progress and that of their peers for each topic studied.

Year 7

Topics Covered and Assessment

Autumn 1st half term

Baseline Assessment

Baseline test on pitch, rhythm, context and instruments.

Baseline assessed group performance on percussion in an African style.

The Elements of Music

An introduction to the seven elements of music: duration, dynamics, pitch, structure, tempo, texture and timbre, and how they combine to make a piece of music. We examine the elements of music through group performance and the use of graphic scores.

Along with the baseline, students will be assessed at the end of the unit with a recorded group performance based on the theme of ‘The Weather’.

Autumn 2nd half term

Find Your Voice

This unit is about gaining confidence in singing, performance and listening skills. Students will be introduced to basic beatboxing skills and to replicating sounds with their voices. They will be asked to learn a well known song by ear and perform an a cappella rendition of it. Students will then choose their own song to learn by ear and perform.

Spring 1st half term

Performing a Melody

An introduction to keyboard skills. Students will learn the C scale on the keyboard and will learn to play Ode to Joy, fluently, accurately and in time using correct finger placement.

Spring 2nd half term

Composing a Melody

An introduction to composition. Students will compose a melody using steps and leaps in pitch, ascending and descending phrases, rhythm, repetition and contrast.

Summer term

Mood Music

This unit is about using music to create an atmosphere. Students will examine sound effects and the use of chords to create a mood. They will create a 4-part storyboard of a scene and set music that represents each panel. 

Music Technology (To run during exam period)

An introduction to music technology. Students will use Logic on the macs to manipulate audio files to create music, and sequence a piece of music using midi sounds.


Websites to support learning:


BBC Bitesize music


Apps to support subject: Music streaming services, Launchpad, Garageband, Synthesia

Planned Support:

The practice rooms will be open 3pm – 4pm on Thursdays for all students to use. Mr Jackson will be available to support students with their schoolwork or their own projects at this time.