Year 10 Business Studies

Curriculum Area: Business Studies

Examination Specification: OCR J253

Overview of Course Content

This course develops the understanding of the economic and socioeconomic world that surrounds each of us. We will all work for a business in some capacity and students get the chance to experience the types of ownership, structure, financial and legal framework every business has to work within, with a strong emphasis on ‘the more you know, the better your decisions will be’.

Half Term


Overview of controlled assessment/coursework (if relevant)

Autumn 1

Business ownership, objectives, and location. Students learn about the basic make up of businesses in Britain and how they set targets and choose suitable locations.

Past exam questions and extended writing.

Autumn 2

Recruitment and selection, motivation and communication.

Students learn how businesses recruit the right staff and train them, how they use pay and non pay motivation and how they structure themselves to create good communication.

Past exam question and extended writing


Spring 1

How Markets Work. Students look at the basics of demand and supply and how the market sets the price for goods.

Controlled Assessment preparation


Spring 2

Controlled Assessment: Marketing and Enterprise. Students learn about Market research and data analysis, the marketing mix and business planning before starting their controlled assessment.

Controlled Assessment completion


Summer 1

Production, Finance and The Business Environment. Students develop their applied business specific knowledge of production techniques, financial controls and economic opportunity.

Past exam questions and mock exam

Summer 2

Costs, Revenues and Profits. Students look at how businesses manage they costs, pricing structures and maximise their profits through market manipulation, increased productivity and rewards for success.

Past exam questions and extended writing.