Year 8

Curriculum Area: Humanities: History

National Curriculum 2016

Overview of Course Content

During Year 8 History lessons  the units of study will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Life in 17th C England
  • Expansion of America
  • England 1750s-1900
  • Causes of WW1
  • Life on the Western Front
  • How Hitler came to power


Overview of course content

Overview of assessment

Autumn 1

Unit of Work

Life in 17th C England

Test: What were the main reasons for the Civil War?

Autumn 2

Unit of Work

Life in 17th C England

Title: Why were the people of England unhappy with the rule of Oliver Cromwell

Spring 1

Unit of Work

Expansion of America

Title: Why did the life of the Lakota Sioux change between 1840 and 1880?

Spring 2

Unit of Work

 England 1750s-1900

Test with sources

Summer 1

Unit of Work

Causes of WW1

Multiple choice test: What was it like to fight in the trenches?              

Summer 2

Unit of Work

How Hitler came to power

End of year test