Year 8

Curriculum Area: Humanities: Geography

National Curriculum 2016

Overview of Course Content

During Year 8 Geography lessons  the units of study will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Population, China and Migration
  • Tropical rainforest and global ecosystem and rivers
  • Hazards: earthquakes and volcanoes


Overview of course content

Overview of assessment

Autumn 1

Unit of Work


Title:  How does the world’s population change? – population pyramids

Written test

Autumn 2

Unit of Work



Title: How effective was China’s One Child Policy.

Should we give aid?

Spring 1

Unit of Work

Tropical Rainforest

Written test: structure of the rainforest

Title: Chico Mendez

Murder mystery investigation – who killed Chico Mendez

Spring 2

Unit of Work


Title: written test of fluvial processes

Title: Flooding

Case study comparison of effects of flooding in LEDC / MEDC

Summer 1

Unit of Work


Title: tectonics test

Extended writing / exam style question#

Why did Mrs Endo die?

Summer 2

Unit of Work


Title: Mt St Helens