Year 9

During year 8 this course will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Writing a range of non-fiction texts
  • Developing key reading skills
  • Modern drama
  • Historical fiction
  • Shakespeare
  • Poetry from other cultures

Half Term



Autumn 1

‘Noughts and Crosses’ 

Extended analysis (Lit paper 2): Essay question to be set by teacher. (Based on theme or character).

Writing from a viewpoint:

Rewrite a key scene from the perspective of a minor character / alternative perspective.

Autumn 2

‘Of Mice and Men’

Exam skill (Lang paper 1 / AQA KS3 Paper)):

Extract based analysis (in style of exam)

Inform / explain:

Write an article based on one main event from the novel.

Spring 1

Non-fiction / skills based. (Relate to themes in NC & OMAM)

Exam skill (Lang Paper 2 style):

Analysis and response to a non-fiction text.

Argue / persuade:

Write a speech based on one of the issues raised in the novels studied.

Spring 2


Extended analysis (Lit paper 1 style):

How is madness presented in Macbeth?

Narrative description:

Write an eyewitness account of one of the key scenes in the play. (Linked to the theme of madness).

Summer 1

William Blake

Extended analysis (Lit paper 2 style): Compare the presentation of innocence and experience in two Blake’s poems.

Inform / explain:

Write a letter to God expressing your views of the world of experience.

Summer 2

Transition unit / 19th Century short stories.

Exam skill (AQA KS3): Unseen exam. T be sat in the hall.


Rewrite on short story covered from the perspective of a minor character.