Year 8

During year 8 this course will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Writing a range of non-fiction texts
  • Developing key reading skills
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Ballads
  • Shakespeare
  • Gothic fiction

Half Term



Autumn 1

Gothic Fiction. (Could incorporate ‘Frankenstein’ playscript)

Exam skill (Land Paper 1 style): Analysis of Gothic extract

Descriptive: Response to image

Autumn 2

‘The Woman in Black’

Extended Analysis (Lit paper 1 style) : How does the writer create suspense in ‘The Woman in Black?’

Descriptive / narrative e.g. Write own horror story.

Spring 1

Contentious issues. (To include protest poetry)

Exam skill (Lang Paper 2 style) Analysis of non-fiction text. (AQA exam in the folder)

Argue / persuade: Non-fiction writing – editorial / blog based on student opinion of non-fiction text.

Spring 2

Ballads (to include non-fiction reading / writing)

Extended analysis (Lit paper 2 poetry): Comparison of two ballads

Writing: Ballad using recent news article

Summer 1

‘Much Ado About Nothing’

Exam skill (Lit Paper 1 style): Extract analysis

Act.1 Sc.1 – lines 119 to 182. Act 1 Sc.3, lines 181 to 213 – What do you learn about Benedicks attitudes to love and marriage in these extracts?

Inform / explain: Write a commentary to explain how you would stage a key scene from the play. Focus on explaining and justifying your decisions.

Summer 2

Contemporary novel.

-              Boy in striped

-              Private Peaceful

-              Blitz Cat

Exam skill (AQA KS3): Unseen exam. To be sat in the hall.

Writing: Letter from the perspective of one of the characters.