Year 7

During year 7 this course will develop a student’s understanding of the following areas:

  • Writing a range of non-fiction texts
  • Developing key reading skills
  • Shakespeare
  • Contemporary novel
  • Poetry
  • Traditional narratives

Half Term



Autumn 1

Myths and Legends.


Skills based unit to include fiction / non-fiction.

Baseline Assessment

Reading & writing

Descriptive: Response to image

Autumn 2

Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’

Extended analysis (Lit Paper 1 style assessment):

How does Scrooge change throughout the novel?

First person narrative: Write a monologue from the perspective of Scrooge after the first ghost appears.


Spring 1

Poetry & Creative.

Exam skill (Lit paper 2): Unseen poetry analysis / comparison.

Creative (form and style) e.g Writing a short poetry anthology

Spring 2

Contemporary novel

-              Skellig

-              Holes

-              The Giver

Extended analysis (Lit Paper 2):

How is the main character presented throughout the novel?

Inform / explain: Newspaper article based on a key event from the novel.

Summer 1

The Village Role Play.

Exam skill (Lang Paper 1):

Argue / persuade: Students to produce a formal letter.

Summer 2

‘The Tempest’

Exam skill (KS3 AQA exam): Unseen exam. To be sat in the hall.

Argue / persuade: Write a speech from Caliban’s perspective persuading people to give back his land.