Year 11

Curriculum Area: Expressive Arts – Art and Design

Examination Specification: AQA 4200

Overview of Course Content

This course will develop a range of skills including:

  • Drawing, printing and 2D work
  • 3D and sculptural work
  • Research and analysis of a range of artists
  • Developing an idea from a starting point using contextual references
  • Presentation of work
  • Creating individual and creative responses to a theme

Learning will be assessed by:

Unit 1 – 60% Project based coursework. Divided into three main projects and a mock exam these combine to make one large portfolio.

Unit2 – 40% One 10 hour examination where a final response is made under exam conditions. The exam project will begin 6-8 weeks prior to the exam time for students to create the supporting sketchbooks

Half Term


Overview of controlled assessment/coursework (if relevant)

Autumn 1

Outstanding coursework completed ready for submission


Autumn 2

Outstanding coursework completed ready for submission



Spring 1

Final Exam

Exam paper given:

 Students select one of seven questions from the exam paper and begin to prepare their sketchbooks following the same structure as their previous projects.


Spring 2

Final Exam:

Final response is produced in exam conditions in the art rooms (10 hours) over two days


Summer 1

Final hand in of all Coursework sketchbooks and final responses


Summer 2

Course ended