Year 8

Year 8 Curriculum Plan – Art

Curriculum Area: Art and Design


Overview of Course Content

During the year 8 course students will develop a range of skills including:

  • Drawing, mixed media  and 2D work
  • 3D work and print making (safety using lino cutting tools)
  • Research and analysis of a range of artists
  • Developing an idea from a starting point using contextual references
  • Presentation of work
  • Creating individual and creative responses to a theme
  • Refine tonal and observational skills
  • Working on large scale


Half Term


Overview of assessment

Autumn 1


First project:

Students will refine observation skills by setting up every day object compositions. Close up studies created in black and white and in colour will be the basis for a reduction print plan. Supporting artist Pablo Picasso and George Braque will be studied to see how a composition can be abstracted.

 Assessment task

Produce a tonal close drawing of a still life arrangement.


Assessment task


Working in the style of an artist


Produce a cubist still life in style of Picasso/ Braque


Autumn 2



Students will use research and studies to select and plan their own abstracted still life. This will be transferred to lino and used to create a four coloured lino print (reduction print)

 Assessment task


Plan an original cubist still life print


Assessment task


Produce an original cubist still life reduction print

Spring 1

Second project:

Students research Monochrome Landscapes to develop tonal techniques.  Supportive artist Georgia O’Keeffe, Brett Weston and Barbara Brody using materials such as colour pencil and biro.

Assessment task


Working in the style of an artist


Produce a monochrome landscape in the style of O’Keeffe using colour pencil.


Assessment task


Create a monochrome landscape


Produce a tonal monochrome image of a local landscape.

Spring 2

Students produce appropriate tonal observation studies of local landscape using a range of tonal techniques.

Students develop and plan ideas for a final Monochrome Landscape design.

Students produce their final response using their planning and research.

Assessment task


Plan an original monochrome landscape


Reflect on artists studied and images produced to plan an original monochrome landscape.

Assessment task


Produce a Monochrome Landscape


Create a monochrome landscape inspired by your research.

Summer 1

Third Project begins:

Students will begin a final project looking at insects and bugs. Students will create large scale observational drawings of insects. And explore different materials such as wax resist.

  They will develop ideas for their own insect using collage techniques.

Assessment task

Produce an insect study.


Assessment task

Produce an original bug piece.


Summer 2

Students will use their research to plan and make a bug sculpture using newspaper and gum strip.

Assessment task

Produce an original bug sculpture.