The very nature of the subject means that we deal with the most contentious and difficult issues in society; issues of faith, tradition and culture. Through the use of enquiry students examine multiple faiths, such as Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. Within these areas they are given the opportunity to debate and consider issues from the world in which they live.

Religious Education offers many transferable skills to develop not only their knowledge and understanding, but the ability to support their views with reasoned argument and a variety of evidence. The ability to discuss and debate is highly valued and practice within the subject.

Students follow the curriculum by investigating different faiths and the impact a person’s faith can have on their life. The topics each involve the development of knowledge and skill across the years. Each topic sets our enquiry based questions providing students with the opportunity to develop key thinking and learning skills

Autumn Term

Year 7 – Introduction to RE: What is RE about? What are the core teachings of Christianity?

Year 8 – Islam: What are the cores teachings of the Islamic Faith

Year 9 – Rites of Passage: What is a Rite of Passage?  What are the different Rites of Passage for the main faiths and how do they influence the lives of beleivers?

Spring Term

Year 7 – Christianity: What are the key Christian Practices and how do they affect the lives of Christians?

Year 8 –Islam: What are the key Islamic practices and how do they affect the lives of Muslims

Year 9 – Religious Views on Animals and the Environment: How do the main faiths view the planet and the environment?  Why do different religions have different beliefs?

Threatened World

Year 7 –Christianity: What is the Global impact of ‘The Church’

Year 8 – Islam: What is the Global impact of the Islamic Faith

Year 9 – Religious Views: Racism and ethical Issues: Can you be religious and prejudice? Can religious people support euthanasia?

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9