Welcome to the Mathematics Department. Maths is a core curriculum subject and studied as part of the curriculum for all students from Year 7 to Year 11. Students are set according to prior attainment and ability in years 7 to 11.

In Mathematics we study Number, Algebra, Shape Space and Measure and Handling Data. These headings include a variety of skills and applications of mathematics not only in the classroom, but skills relevant to the real world and used in everyday life.

We want students to be inspired by Mathematics and therefore include a variety of creative teaching within the current and future curriculum.

Assessment within Maths is given to Key Stage 3 as National Curriculum Levels 2 – 8 and to Key Stage 4 as GCSE grades G – A* or 1 to 8 based on the new GCSE curriculkum first studied by the current year 10s. We use lots of different ways to assess the attainment of the students ensuring that relevant examination practice is given throughout their time in The Academy. The final GCSE Mathematics exam is two papers one calculator and one non-calculator. We also include a second GCSE in Statistics for all students, this mainly covers the Handling Data topics already learnt, this is single examination and a small piece of statistics coursework.

Home learning is a combination of the www.mymaths.co.uk website and other relevant curriculum tasks or assessments. My maths is also excellent for current GCSE revision.